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Deeper Signals’ Employee Personality Toolkit

We’re cruising in the age of self-awareness, where the heartbeat of a successful business resonates with the unique rhythm of its employees’ personalities. In this bustling landscape, one company, Deeper Signals, stands out as the personality whisperer, decoding the secret language of human traits to revolutionize the way we work.

The brainchild of psychology savant, Dr. Paul Estes, Deeper Signals is the wizard behind the curtain, transforming workplaces since 2016. They weave their magic with avant-garde personality assessment and feedback tools designed to turbocharge self-awareness, decision-making, and team spirit.

The Secret Sauce: The Big Five

At the core of Deeper Signals’ toolkit lies the Five-Factor Model of personality, a.k.a. the “Big Five” – the Mount Everest of personality theory. This model elegantly encapsulates human personality in five broad dimensions: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN). Decades of research bear testament to the Big Five’s prowess in predicting job performance, leadership ability, and team cooperation, justifying its place in Deeper Signals’ secret sauce (Barrick, Mount & Judge, 2001).

The Self-Awareness Superpower

The Deeper Signals’ assessments act like mirrors, reflecting one’s personality traits back at them. They squeeze this revelation into a brisk 15-minute rendezvous, granting busy bees the gift of self-awareness. Science backs up this boon, as a study by Sutton (2010) highlights the turbocharged efficiency of self-aware leaders who can juggle their reactions and strengths like a pro.

Performance, Level Up!

But that’s not all. Deeper Signals’ sophisticated feedback tools help spot the cracks before they widen. Users can chart a course to improvement and watch as their performance skyrockets. This echoes the melody of Locke and Latham’s Goal-Setting Theory (2002), which sings the praises of specific, challenging goals for enhancing performance.

Decision-Making Decoded

Thanks to Deeper Signals, decision-making isn’t a roll of the dice anymore. By unveiling the personality traits lurking behind decisions, these assessments offer a roadmap to better choices. Bazerman and Moore (2008) celebrate the triumph of such bias awareness, heralding improved strategies and solutions.

Bolstering Bonds

Last, but certainly not least, understanding your coworkers’ personalities can be the superglue that holds teams together. Bell’s research (2007) echoes this sentiment, suggesting that comprehending personality traits paves the way to effective communication and mutual understanding.

I took the Plunge and it was worth it!

In the spirit of investigative exploration, I signed up and dove headfirst into Deeper Signals’ famed assessment. The array of questions laid before me was as vast as the Pacific. Each one presented a duality – they either resonated with my essence or missed the mark entirely. And boy, the temptation to take a pause, to ponder on which checkbox to tick was mighty.

But Deeper Signals was there, like a trusty shepherd guiding its sheep, reminding me to keep the momentum and refrain from falling into the reflecting pool. This intervention was a godsend, considering the parade of questions still awaiting my responses.

Emerging on the other side of the test, which, by the way, didn’t cost me a dime, I was presented with a sleek summary of my personality. It was akin to skimming a stone across the lake of my psyche – a surface-level exploration, but the ripples it created suggested deeper depths. And I must say, their dart landed bullseye on the dartboard of my personality!

The Final Word

With its cutting-edge, research-backed approach, Deeper Signals promises to bring a fresh gust of wind into the sails of any organization. Its user-friendly assessments and clear, actionable feedback are all part of an enticing package that could reshape the dynamics of the modern workplace. Curious souls and forward-thinking organizations can dive deeper at their website, even trying their hand at a free trial.

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