Tech Talent Thunder: The Powerhouses of North America

The tech workforce keeps expanding, folks. We’re talking about a staggering 6.5 million tech workers spread across the United States and Canada. Out of that number, a whopping 5.5 million tech warriors are based in the good ol’ US of A.

Now, Visual Capitalist’s Nick Routley has put together a mind-blowing infographic based on CBRE’s report, revealing the biggest tech talent markets in both countries. They looked at factors like total workforce, changes in tech worker population over time, cost of living, educational attainment, and tech employment levels across various industries. It’s an eye-opening snapshot, let me tell you.

Silicon Valley, nestled in California’s Bay Area, still reigns supreme as the most prominent and, no surprise here, most expensive tech hub in the US. They boast a talent pool of nearly 380,000 tech whizzes. That’s no joke, folks.

But hold on, we’ve got some other players in the game. Sure, the big coastal cities like New York and Seattle still have a lion’s share of the tech talent, but let’s not forget about the rising stars. Mid-sized tech hubs like Salt Lake City, Portland, and Denver have been flexing their muscles and showing impressive growth numbers in recent years. Seattle, home to tech giants Amazon and Microsoft, even posted a jaw-dropping 32% growth rate over the past five years. That’s some serious recruiting hustle, my friends.

Now, let’s shift our attention up north to Canada. It turns out that our neighbors have been attracting the tech bigwigs too. Tech giants like Google, Meta (formerly known as Facebook), and Amazon are ramping up their operations in the Great White North. And guess what? Canada is loving it.

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is leading the pack in terms of tech job growth. In 2021 alone, they added a whopping 88,900 tech positions. They’re nipping at the heels of the tech titans in Silicon Valley and Seattle, ranking as North America’s third-largest tech hub, according to CBRE.

But wait, there’s more. Vancouver, home to stunning scenery, orcas and a thriving tech scene, has seen its tech talent population soar by an impressive 63%. With heavy hitters like Microsoft and Amazon setting up shop there, Vancouver is making a name for itself in the tech world.

Even Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, isn’t one to be left in the dust. They’re making giant strides to boost their tech talent and make their mark on the map. In fact, they have the highest concentration of tech employment in their workforce, thanks in part to the success of Shopify. Way to go, Ottawa!

And let’s not forget about the small but mighty tech hub of Waterloo. They may be petite, but they pack a punch. With a tech employment concentration of 9.6%, they’re showing the big guys that size doesn’t matter. Over the past five years, their tech workforce has grown by a solid 8%.

Now, here’s the interesting part. The post-COVID era has brought about a redefinition of what it means to be a tech hub. Remote work is here to stay, and it’s shaking things up. Traditional tech powerhouses might be feeling the heat as workers flock to more affordable and comfortable locations. Smaller markets like Charlotte, Tennessee, and Calgary could see a rise in tech companies. Will they steal the spotlight from the big coastal cities? Only time will tell, my friends. Stay tuned!

The Biggest Tech Talent Hubs in the U.S. and Canada

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